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Cover Funeral Expenses

Preparing an Estate Plan

After you pass, one of the most expensive processes that your loved ones have to deal with is funeral arrangements. From buying a cemetery plot to a casket and even flower arrangements at a funeral home, planning a funeral is an expensive necessity.

Including your choice of cremation or burial in your estate plan takes the guessing out of the initial step of the funeral process. Additionally, designating your own personal preference of a cemetery plot should you choose to be buried is a simple piece of information to include in your estate plan to help relieve the stress of unanswered questions for loved ones.

Pre-planning for memorial costs by planning the details and beginning payment methods helps loved ones to not have to make important decisions on their own or construct expenses to pay for everything.

Contact the estate planning lawyers at Knauf Law (previously Pankau Law) today to find out more about how you can prepare for funeral expenses in an estate plan.

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