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A good estate plan doesn’t only think of concerns regarding your survivors, but it considers your health and finances as well. When making a comprehensive estate plan, it is as important to plan for incapacity as it is to consider what will happen after your death. Incapacitation is the legal inability to make decisions such as those for healthcare and finances. Making plans for how your health care decisions and finances will be handled if you are ever incapacitated is an essential part of the estate planning process

At Knauf Law, we are skilled in guiding clients through these emotionally challenging decisions.   We will assist you in crafting a power of attorney that will give you the results you need and want for your specific situation.  Our experienced lawyers will help you determine if you need to appoint a medical power of attorney, special or limited power of attorney, durable power of attorney, non-durable power of attorney, or springing power of attorney. We will help you achieve the peace of mind that you will be properly cared for no matter what the future may bring.

Schedule an appointment with Knauf Law today and we can walk you through this important step in an estate plan and help you name your powers of attorney in legal documentation. Our attorneys will answer your legal questions and work with you to create Powers of Attorney that fit your wishes and are legally enforceable. From our office in Addison, IL, we work with clients throughout the Chicago area, including DuPage, Kane and Cook Counties.

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