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Estate Planning Process

Organizing Digital & Paper Files

Arranging digital and paper files is a really simple way to formulate your estate plan and keep things organized for loved ones when you pass. After you pass, loved ones enter a difficult period of mourning and having to sift through piles of paper to find important documents can cause them added stress during this already trying time. Compile a dedicated file of important documents for your loved ones to obtain through your estate plan so they do not have an additional thing to worry about during the grieving period.

Some important documents to consider including in your estate plan are:
• Birth Certificate
• Social Security information
• Recent tax return information
• Bank account information
• 401(k) account(s) information
• Pension information
• Safety-deposit box information
• Deed information for home, land, etc.
• Mortgage, car loans, and other loan information
• Business ownership information
• Insurance policy information
• Will
• Named beneficiaries
• Guardianship selection for your dependents

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