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itasca guardianship attorneysGuardianship issues are an important part of the estate planning process and family law. If you have minor children or care for a disabled adult, selecting guardians for your dependents as part of your estate plan will ensure they have the care you envision, no matter what the future may bring. At Knauf Law, we are experienced in handling guardianship matters. Our attorneys will advise you on your guardianship options and help you make an informed legal decision on how to best protect your dependent loved ones.

Guardianship in Estate Planning

A legal guardian is someone who cares for a minor child or a disabled or incapacitated adult. You can select guardians in your will as part of your estate plan. There are two types of guardians – a guardian responsible for meeting physical needs of a ward, and a guardian responsible for making financial and legal decisions. One person can serve both functions, or the duties can be divided between two guardians. We will examine your family and financial circumstances and help you come up with a guardianship arrangement that meets your needs and the needs of your dependent loved ones.

Guardianship of Elderly Loved Ones

When elderly loved ones become incapacitated or unfit to make personal or financial decisions for themselves, it is sometimes necessary to establish a legal guardianship over them. This is particularly true if there is no Power of Attorney in place or if the elderly person is being taken advantage of by the person with Power of Attorney. Guardianship is established by the court and the court monitors the guardians it appoints. We can help you file for legal guardianship of an elderly loved one so that you can provide the protection they need.

If you are interested in guardianship matters as part of your estate plan or in filing for legal guardianship of an elderly loved one, contact us to schedule a free consultation to discuss your options. We will walk you through the process and answer any legal questions you may have. Our office is located in Addison, IL and we work with clients throughout the Chicago area, including DuPage, Cook, and Kane Counties.

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