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Knauf Law is merging with Pankau Law on January 1, 2020

We are excited to announce that on January 1, we will welcome the addition of attorney John Pankau and the Pankau Law staff to Knauf Law.
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Basics of Wills and Trusts – Knauf Law

Attorney Lisa Knauf presents valuable information about the basics of estate planning and the essential documents everyone should have - a Will and Powers of Attorney for health and finance.
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In the News – Why Writing Your Own Will Is A Bad Idea

Taking the time to prepare clear legal documentation in your will is key to preparing your estate plan for the future. In this article written by Christine Fletcher, she notes the importance of working with a lawyer to properly plan what happens to your belongings, protect your heirs, and avoid an expensive “bargain.”
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In the News – 8 Reasons You May Need to Update Your Will

With life’s ever-changing situations and circumstances, it is important to update your will periodically to make sure it reflects your current situation and wishes for your estate. In this article, Patrick O’Brien notes eight life changes that may require an update to your will.
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In the News – Having ‘The Talk’ With Your Parents About Their Finances

In this article by Richard Eisenberg, he explains having important discussions with your parents to look out for their best interest might seem overwhelming, but it’s worth it. Give your parents control of their will instead of the state having the control of their will.
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In the News – Put Together Checklist for Funeral Plan

The article “Put together checklist for funeral plan” is written by Susan B. Garland for Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine. This piece touches on how making several important decisions before you pass will keep your loved ones from having to make difficult decisions. Garland emphasizes that no detail is too small when you think of how you want all your arrangements handled after you pass.
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In the News – The Case Against Early Retirement

Is retirement all that it is cracked up to be or will it crack you? The Wall Street Journal’s article by Richard W. Johnson makes you think twice about retiring. Johnson weighs the pros and cons of retiring at age 62.
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In the News – The Three Basics of Reverse Mortgage

In the article The New* Reverse Mortgage Loans, Fairway, Independent Mortgage Corporation explains the basics benefits that a reverse mortgage loan can have for you, your family and the heirs of your estate. What are reverse mortgages and why would I want one? You have put money and time into paying for your home and now is the time to reap the benefits. Reverse mortgages take a portion of your home equity and put money in your hands that wouldn’t normally be readily available. Reverse mortgages have the capability to get rid of your mortgage payment all together. The money you get from your home equity through a reverse home mortgage might even be tax-free!
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