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Kane County Legal Information and Resources

About the Kane County Court System

Kane County is home to the 16th Judicial Circuit Court. The main Judicial Center is located at 37W777 Route 38, St. Charles, Illinois. In addition to courtrooms and other services, this complex also houses the county jail. For more information about the Sixteenth Circuit Court, including hours and court holidays, click here.

Kane County also has branch courts in several locations. For specific court locations, click here.

Your Court Records and Court Dates

You can find court records and information such as an upcoming court date in Kane County by clicking this link provided by the Clerk’s Office, then select ‘Court Records.’ You will need to enter either a case number or the last name of a party in the case to find the records.

Representing Yourself in Kane County

Parties in a lawsuit can represent themselves; this is called pro se representation. Depending on the complexity of the matter, your knowledge of legal proceedings, and your ability to appear in court at the time and on the day set by the judge, you might want to consider hiring an attorney for your legal matter.

Kane County has a Law Library and Self-Help Legal Center located in the judicial center that is open to the public. Click here for information about the law library. For the 16th Judicial Circuit local rules, click here.

Bringing Children to Court

In general, bringing your minor children to court is not a good idea, no matter how well-behaved. In some courtrooms children are not allowed at all. You need to be able to provide your full attention to your legal matter, so it is best to make childcare arrangements before coming to court.

Jury Duty

Serving as a juror is an important civic duty. The right of all people to having a matter decided by an impartial jury of one’s peers is an important foundation of the American legal system. If you have been called to serve an upcoming jury duty in Kane County, click here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions about jury duty.

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